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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Auto Braiding Machine

My colleague bought an auto braiding machine from Perth a long time ago. She never got to use it because it causes her hair to tangle. So she brought it to the office so that I can try it out. The instructions were quite direct and simple. It is, after all meant for teens... or younger.

First, put a strand of hair on one end and another strand of hair on the other end. Secure them by releasing the push button (if I remember correctly, there was only 1 button on that machine). On the same button, press down to start the twisting process, not too long though, cuz it'll tangle your hair! Next, press up again to release your hair from the clams. The box set even came with colorful beady hair clips. Secure the braid with a clip. Voila, I look like a brat in her teens again! And the effect is quite amazing. It's the first time I seen such a machine so I'm quite amazed by it. Now I want one for myself!

The brand name is Conair. Not too sure if they are available locally.
My colleague said it cost less than AUD10! It's quite a fun machine for that price~

A close up view of the braiding effect.


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