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My favourite brands include
Majolica Majorca, Zara, Jill Stuart, Maquillage, Etude House, Kitschen & Mary Magdalene. Yes, I do love Japanese brands.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purchase These Shopping Blog

I found this lass' website through Lowyat Forum. In case you haven't check out the marketplace there, do go now! It's like the best place to shop for stuff from geeky to fashionable items!

Anyway, this shopping blog is owned by Linet. She's a kind lady who sells wonderful pre-loved clothing items. I recently bought a shirt and a dress from her. The shirt and dress conditions are super good not to mention that the dress looks fantastic (on me, tee-hee!)! She has a lot more to offer.... shirts, skirts, pants, bags, you name it. The best thing is, for the quality and style, her stuffs are pretty affordable!

Now what are you waiting for? Head on to Purchase These!

Sweet colored polo tee! Pre-loved at RM15!

 Ultra cool body contouring dress! Love it! Only cost me RM25!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Make Up Store Twinkle Eyeshadow

I got this fantastic glitter wand from my friend for my birthday. I want to start by saying how wonderful this glitter wand is. This wand is by Make Up Store, called the Twinkle Eyeshadow in Arrow color. The pigment is amazingly sharp! The rich GLITTER once applied, will stick on you for hours! It doesn't smudge or fade easily. It's water-based so it won't grease your eyelids but is very easy to remove. It's also very lightweight and you can add more than 1 layer for a more glittery effect! Check out Make Up Store @ Pavilion/Gardens Mid Valley for more glitter colors!

Cute petite packaging.

Can you see the amount of glitter on the wand?

The picture don't do the glitter justice. Try it for yourself!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Enspired Bazaar @ Subang Square

This morning, I went to Mr. K's company to check out some appliances that are on sale. His company is offering discounts to family members and friends. But there's nothing that I want there so I went home after that. Then, I remembered that there's a bazaar going on at Subang. So, I went there alone and see what they have to offer. The place is unfamiliar but when you go inside, you can see a lot of clothing stalls. The main attraction I think is the pets stall at the entrance. They sell hamsters, snakes, star tortoises and even a husky!l The stalls are mainly clothing and accessories. Some are handmades. They even have 2nd hand items too! If you are around the area and would like to check it out, please visit this website !

Subang Square
Jalan SS 15/4G, SS15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
(just beside Taylor's Business School & ADP building)

There were about 20-40 booths.

The sellers are mostly uni students I assume.

The decorations inside the square.

Here is where they sell the pets!

This little husky is only 5 weeks old!

Here're my loots. The skinny tie cost RM15 and the purple giraffe is RM7.

I was 'forced' to buy these peanuts but hey they taste good!
Only RM3 for 4 packs!

Bought this at RM35. A full maxi vintage dress which I find it quite nice!
The seller has a blog too. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Choosing the right swimsuit

2 weeks ago I went to a waterpark. Before that, I was contemplating whether to wear my usual swimsuit or to buy a new one. In the end, I decided to buy a new one. I was browsing the internet for recommendations. And I found a very informative website . I'm not the usual petite girl with small frame so it's not easy to find a swimsuit that match my body. In the end, I found one which I think is quite ok. It's on sale too and from a good brand. It's a J by Jasper Conran. I've posted the picture here. I shall show some pictures from the waterpark next time!

These are recommended for big hips.

These are recommended to show a more defined waist.

 I cannot wear a bikini. And I think wearing one-piece is too boring. This one has a great balance!