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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purchase These Shopping Blog

I found this lass' website through Lowyat Forum. In case you haven't check out the marketplace there, do go now! It's like the best place to shop for stuff from geeky to fashionable items!

Anyway, this shopping blog is owned by Linet. She's a kind lady who sells wonderful pre-loved clothing items. I recently bought a shirt and a dress from her. The shirt and dress conditions are super good not to mention that the dress looks fantastic (on me, tee-hee!)! She has a lot more to offer.... shirts, skirts, pants, bags, you name it. The best thing is, for the quality and style, her stuffs are pretty affordable!

Now what are you waiting for? Head on to Purchase These!

Sweet colored polo tee! Pre-loved at RM15!

 Ultra cool body contouring dress! Love it! Only cost me RM25!


Anonymous said...

That dress is so pretty! What a great find :D

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